About DCentrum


About Dcentrum

DCentrum, a co-learning community was started by a group of 8 young and passionate technology enthusiasts in Hyderabad, India.
A strong belief in Democracy and De-Centralization philosophy, this group aspires to build communities on various decentralization technologies and contribute to the next wave of technology stack after the Internet.


Our vision is to be a thought leader and a contributor to the ever evolving Decentralisation landscape with focus on ensuring the benefits of these technologies reach the common man and improve their lives.


Our mission is to CONNECT people from various walks of life to COLLABORATE and share knowledge on the evolving Decentralization technologies and productively contribute to the community by CREATING assets for specific industry use cases and building knowledge base in the area.

How does it all work?

  • DCentrum is envisioned as community of Decentralization enthusiasts with a progressive mindset of ever learning and ever sharing. Members are chosen based on certain criteria which is clearly defined by the core team.
  • The community meets once in 2 weeks with a clearly defined agenda, published well in advance. Each meet-up is a part of a series and each series is designed to explore one decentralization platform.
  • A series typically runs for about 3 months wherein the members explore the basics, gain hands on knowledge and eventually work on atleast 2 ideas to be built on the platform.
  • The activities finally culminate into a workshop / hackathon wherein industry leaders are invited to share their knowledge with the members.

Dcentrum is a very unique community building format wherein focus is not just to learn basics but also build assets from those learnings which is owned by the community. This allows a member to have a holistic view of the any platform that the community pursues.